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(no subject) [Dec. 18th, 2007|03:28 pm]
I guess since I logged in to post a comment on a friend's site I ought to take the time to post here. It has been awhile. A long while. This isn't because I don't like anyone here, I just have been updating my other blog. But, I suppose an update here would be fine.

Maxwell's caseworker came today. I still don't understand her roll in coming by herself. I understand she is to be the head of the group of specialist provided through early intervention but when she comes to our house alone....well, it is just weird. At least it gives me a chance to brag about his progress. She is also the person I like the most out of this particular group of people. I think I finally have the right pronunciation for her name now though. That's a good plus.
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(no subject) [May. 11th, 2007|08:59 pm]
[music |Annbjorg Lien -- "AJA"]

The desert.....

The flies.....

The dirt.....

The really weird bugs.....

....but the loan papers are all filled out and ready to go.....

that much closer to a place of our own.....
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too many stupid people [Apr. 2nd, 2007|07:54 am]
Well, I'm still here. I should update more. My list of "networking sites" to keep up with my few friends is ever increasing. I probably have more sites that I am on than I have friends. However, it seems there is always one person here and one person there and no one uses the same site. I think I will put a link in when I decide which I enjoy the most and then I won't have to worry about stupid sites such as MySpace or HI5 which can get very annoying with only the constant friends requests from spam and other lonely lonely people.
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(no subject) [Mar. 15th, 2007|09:54 pm]
I have been sitting here thinking and thought that if I perhaps wrote then it would leave my brain or at least I wouldn't be so irritated.

I keep forgetting that it doesn't matter how nice or good a person you are it doesn't change the fact that most everybody is out to deceive you one way or the other. For instance, when Sam signed up for health insurance they did no inform him anywhere that the cost he was looking at was bi-weekly. It actually does us little good to be paying less rent when our health insurance is going to cost as much as our previous rent. Could his employer have given him this information? yes. Why didn't they? One would think that because he is a "county" employee it would be a little cheaper. Something is seriously wrong with the health care system if people have to pay more than 1/3 of their income on coverage, and this doesn't include co-pays and deductibles. That is another "who know how m any thousand dollars". Let's just hope I don't get sick. I would hate to see what they really don't cover.
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Surgery [Feb. 9th, 2007|11:56 pm]
It was an odd feeling watching as they carried Maxwell through the double doors to get prepped for surgery. I headed back to the waiting room that was filling up with parents and children. Some parents were waiting just as I was and some were about to be in that same spot. It seemed forever although it wasn't. After some time the surgeon came in and said it went well and some time later I was taken back to the recovery room. It was crowded and there as little space. I got to rock Maxwell while he slept. Since he was having trouble breathing I held the oxygen mask just close enough to allow him some extra help but not get in the way and disturb him. As I sat there I had only time to think and watch. I saw people who I had seen in the waiting room. Their kids had just gotten out of surgery. I had a girl sharing a curtain with us who was coming out of her anasthesia and didn't quite know what was going on. I saw the baby who got out of surgery and his parents were nowhere to be found. They had stepped out for food and in those few minutes they were needed. I saw the mother with her sleeping daughter who waited patiently for an interpreter to come speak for her. I sat there, thinking, and wondering what was going through all of these people's minds. I didn't know any one of them but I felt connected to them. I felt their worries and concerns just as I did mine. I sat with Maxwell on my lap trying to figure out what my feelings were supposed to be. Was I supposed to cry or look really worried, maybe I did and didn't know it? Was I supposed to get angry that it was taking so long as one mother had in the waiting room? Every kid in there was a brave kid, even the girl who cried in the waiting room while she waited for them to call her name. Maxwell was a brave kid and didn't even know it. It is a strange feeling to let go of your child and let someone hurt them to make them better.
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(no subject) [Feb. 8th, 2007|09:10 pm]
I must update. I told Sam I would, so I will.

I think the hospital staff should be on board with each other. I understand guidelines but telling someone one thing and then changing it on them is not good. Aside from the fact that they make you starve your child for 9 hours before hand only because they are over 12 months. I was told 4hours. I guess I am not really that upset, although I could be if I wanted, just a little irritated. I shouldn't be though. They have conveniently scheduled his surgery for early in the morning so it will not be too unbearable for him. He will hardly notice he has not eaten breakfast.

That all said, I like freecycle.com. I wish there was more of it where we are heading. I signed up for that group but they don't get very many postings. They do however like to give away animals over there.
The local groups I am in here are pretty good and stay active. I have been able to give away many things and feel good about it as well. I would rather do this than take it to Goodwill to be sold and unreasonable prices for secondhand. (don't get me started on my disappointment in that store, 'cause I could go on and on). All I need now is to wait for the guy who wants a small refrigerator to get in touch with me.
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(no subject) [Feb. 7th, 2007|12:16 am]
I suppose I will drop into livejournal and give a "hello".

I packed up a few things tonight. I was glad to have most of the day off from packing. It was nice to not have to cook dinner as well.

I talked to Sam today, and read his livejournal. I can't wait to join him in this new place of ours. I look forward to it. I can't wait to not have to move for awhile.

Well, it is late now, I must finish my Stargate show and then go to sleep. Of course, I will be watching my show in bed, courtesy of my new toy the portable DVD player.
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Black Friday [Nov. 24th, 2006|09:22 pm]
The problem with Thanksgiving is that it is on a Thursday. This means that most places of business that do not sell "gifts" are closed. This made it especially difficult in trying to track down the bottle I ordered for Maxwell. FedEx has no record of a shipment that is supposed to come to us and the company I bought it from was closed today. I am hoping to get this thing before I leave to Canada.

I joined the throngs of people who went out today. Perhaps I decided that it wasn't worth staying home since I foolishly signed up to do a secret shop on this day. It actaully wasn't bad. I suppose this is because I did not go out before 8am and was not in need of the popular items. I found a few good deals but really didn't get much and to my surprise had to wait in line no more than 2 minutes. Not bad for Black Friday. Shopping on this day has made me a statistic though and i bacame one of so many million people who go out to shop the day after Thanksgiving. Thank goodness I was not inclined to go stand in line at the Toys R Us in New York City and wait in a line, which I heard was quite long, for a Nintendo Wii, which, by the way, was not in the store at that and didn't expect a shipment of it until later in the day. So, for the throng of people who waited and wasted I do not feel sorry and am grateful I was not them.
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little girls and cell phones [Nov. 17th, 2006|07:29 pm]
As a parent the hardest thing to remember is that when your kid is quiet something is wrong. It is easy to forget this bit of knowledge because it is so nice when they are quiet and you can finally have a break, but don't enjoy it too much.

Right before the PT and OT came to Maxwell today Abby came in to tell me she had made a mess. I didn't think to check the "mess" because I figured she had just thrown toys around and made a mess. So, I let her go back to her room to being quiet. A few minutes later the doorbell rang. I should have known right then that something was up because she did not come running as usual. A few minutes into the visit I checked on her. She had managed to pull out every piece of clothing owned for her and Max with the exception of hanging ones. There she sat on the pile trying to put on a pair of Maxwell's shoes.

This was not the time for me to clean up a mess or yell at her so I went back to the PT and OT. Periodically Abby would come in with various objects, ones to feed Maxwell with. She somehow knew we were talking about how to feed Maxwell and she brought us what we needed, but didn't. Then she disappeared. The silence was wonderful and not to get interrupted was even better. However, I had to check on her for all of our safety and sanity. I arrived and all seemed fine. She told me she had a phone. I didn't understand. She helped me understand as I saw her put her hands in her pants and she tugged on the end of a cell phone. Alas, she had a cell phone down her underwear, and it was not ours. I pulled it out and brought it back to the LR. We had a good few minutes while the PT wiped it off with a baby wipe.

Toward the end of the Meeting Abby came out and had something white on her chin. I knew she had eaten something but I did not know what. She brought me the whipped cream bucket with not much left in it.

All in all Abby had a blast for one hour and then didn't do so hot while having to clean up after.

Someday I may be able to enjoy the silence without worrying.
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tile living [Nov. 10th, 2006|07:59 am]
There are a few things I dislike as a parent so far....sick kids and potty training. These dislikes are short loved though and the potty training won't last forever and hopefully when they are older and sick they won't wine so much and will be able to blow their own noses.

Sam has applied to more places. I don't think I can take the suspense much longer. I am getting excited to hear where we will go and what will happen. Our fate rests in the hands of someone else's hands or opinion.

One thing I have learned through all of this waiting is that tile in living rooms is ugly. Each time Sam tells me a new place he has applied I look at the housing market to see what is available and if we can really afford to live there on what he would make. I also enjoy dreaming, but...anyhow, I have come across many homes with tile not just in the kitchen and bathrooms but the living room and bedrooms. Apparently it ups the value of the house. I don't know why, it might look "nice" but it creates a cold feeling in the house and it just doesn't look right with furniture. I know, because I finally found a few listings with the furniture still in the house. It looked terrible. It is unfortunate because these houses could look really good without the tile, and yes they do look good with tile but only when empty. Here's to really hoping that whatever house we buy does not have tile in the living room or bedrooms....and no carpet in the bathroom.
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